Are you a real estate owner and in charge of technical management yourself? We have got what you need.

Increase your margin immediately, prevent costly overdue maintenance, gain control and valuable data, avoid unnecessary vacancies and increase tenant satisfaction.

De meest gebruiksvriendelijke technische vastgoedmanagement software op de markt

Increase your margin immediately, prevent costly overdue maintenance, gain control and valuable data, avoid unnecessary vacancies and increase tenant satisfaction.

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Increase your margin

Using Facilitee will help you increase your margin from the start and  even more in the future.

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    Avoid neglected maintenance, which can result in very costly, unnecessary repairs.

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    Avoid vacancies and costly realtor fees.

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    Expand your portfolio based on data an insights while avoiding bad purchases.

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    Cut down on your administrative costs with up to 70%.

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    Compare supplier performance and related costs.

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Increase tenant satisfaction

Whether you are an owner of residential real estate or commercial happy tenants is vital to gain maximum returns.


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    Provide your management company or yourself with powerful tooling to help your tenants.

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    Tenants feel appreciated more and are always informed.

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    Work together with your management company and tenants.

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    Streamline all communication wherever you are, whenever you need to.

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Manage your team and suppliers

Thanks to our comprehensive dashboard and reporting tools you will be able to manage your team and servicers like never before.

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    Realtime access to performance management company

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    See which skill sets are available with your servicers

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    Find out which servicers are performing well or poorly

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    Find out which servicers are available or busy

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What do you gain?

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  • Yes, definitely. We have an open API and can connect to all other software vendors which have an API too. Reap the benefits of working with specialists, while avoiding double work.

  • Starting is very easy. Our team of specialists will help you with importing your database into Facilitee and we connect Facilitee to your current bookkeeping software.

  • Our team of specialists will help you with some simple steps. We do the work for you. We will import your existing database into Facilitee and/or connect to the software suppliers you want to keep. Connecting our software to others is our specialty.

  • Our software has been identified by KPMG as one of the most innovative proptech companies of 2021. Our software is so easy to use, you do not need any training. We do provide it for free, for you and any (new) employees.

  • You can do both. The choice is yours. Our software supports an unlimited amount of properties and users. Starting is very easy and expanding as well.

  • We have great relationships with a large variety of property management companies. Feel free to reach out, we can always get you in touch with them.