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The app in practice

Facilitee developed the ideal tool for unifying owners, managers, tenants and repair workers. As owner you have a complete overview of your properties, and the app allows you to communicate effortlessly with all your stakeholders. Everyone benefits in unique ways. This is how.

How it works 1-2
How it works 2 - 874x700
Property owners

Full control and ownership

Check the status of your property at any time, approve service requests and chat directly with the tenant, repair worker or property manager. Manage all your properties in one place.

Add new properties

Add owner

Add tenant(s)

Check occupation

Check the status of requests

Schedule and check maintenance

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Maximum tenant satisfaction 

The tenant can submit issues and service requests in their account. Deliver the services they want to keep them satisfied.

Chat tool with the repair worker

Upload photos and videos for a clear issue description

Always able to check the status of the request

Rate them after the visit

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How it works 3-4
How it works 4 - 538x600
Repair workers

Service requests in one place

Service requests are sent from the property owner to the repair worker, who then sends quotes and invoices directly to the manager, chats with the tenant or makes an appointment.

Chat directly with the tenant

Accept or decline requests

Upload quotations and invoices

Always able to check the status of the request

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