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Transforming property management

We are Facilitee

Property management software that empowers property owners and real estate management companies to have a clear overview of their portfolio. Maximize tenant satisfaction, increase your property portfolio and decrease costs while you do it.

Property management by property managers. We understand your needs.

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  • "I envisioned a software system that provides a clear overview of property portfolios and enables every stakeholder - property managers, tenants and repair workers alike."


    - Sikke Kooistra, Co-founder Facilitee

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Building on your success

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Gain complete control

The web application is compatible with every device and provides one clear overview that you can access from anywhere. Anytime.


Increase tenant satisfaction

Tenants want more than just a place. By delivering the services they need and minimizing complaints, they keep renewing their contract. Every time.

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Grow your portfolio

Expand your portfolio at your own pace. We help you find properties while providing the service your tenants need. Anywhere.

Powerful technology

Want to do more than just manage properties?

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