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Easy-Peasy: Getting Started With Facilitee! A Step by Step Guide

One of the primary goals of Facilitee after having signed our clients is to ensure an extremely smooth onboarding process, where we do all the work so our customers can keep focussing on their daily priorities. In this blog we will go through the different steps, but first let us recap the main benefits of our software.

Main benefits of Facilitee

Our software for technical management of real estate brings many advantages to both real estate owners, real estate management companies, service providers and tenants and you have probably already discovered them during one of our demo’s. Therefore we will only give a short overview of the highlights here:

– Increase your tenant satisfaction, our clients average 4.3 stars out of 5 on tenant satisfaction (*internal client research, June 2022)

– Increase your margin instantly by handling maintenance and repair requests at rocket speed

– Avoid unnecessary (costly) repairs

– Increase first time fix rate with a minimum of 30% (*internal client research, June 2022)

– Increase employee productivity and satisfaction, people love our products

– Receive relevant data and manage your business on powerful KPIs

“Starting with Facilitee was super easy. The Facilitee Integration Team and their Customer Success Managers took care of everything”, Rein Mellegers, Intohousing Property Management

5 simple steps to start, we do the work, you get the benefits!

If you’ve decided to start with Facilitee, congratulations, you now have constant support from our experts for free! Our team consists of professionals that take care of all the issues related to setting up Facilitee, so you don’t have to do anything by yourself. 

1. The Facilitee Integration team will connect your existing software. We have a team of 7 specialists on board who connect Facilitee to your other (ERP) software on a daily basis. The integration team will make sure that all your management properties and contacts will be synced to Facilitee and stay synced on a daily basis. We will contact your supplier to make this happen to get all this data in the correct place, safely, securely and swiftly.

2. Our Customer Success team will set up the last general settings for you, e.g. servicer settings, mandate amounts, opening hours and assign your managers to the correct buildings. Once this is done, usually within a couple of hours, we will plan your free training.

3. You and your team will be trained by your Customer Success Managers via an online training session in Microsoft teams or Google Meet. This training usually lasts 45 minutes and our customers love it. Please consult your contract because we usually offer free follow up training.

4. Inform your contacts that you will start with Facilitee. We have written a bunch of cool templates you can use to announce starting with Facilitee. On us, completely free.

5. You are good to go and can now invite all contacts you want in a matter of clicks. We have created videos and manuals for all roles and they are invited to use the software automatically. Typically, 97% of all tenants are active on the platform within 3-4 months.

24/7 support by our team

Once everything is set up and connected, you’ll continue to have our ongoing support as you use the software. Our support team is available to help you with any questions or problems around the clock, in the way that’s most convenient for you: 

– Live chat in the software

– Direct support phone hotlinbe

– Email

– Watsapp support

– Support portal with 100s of guides, manuals, support videos

Enjoy your time and increase margin

As you can see, getting started with Facilitee, the technical management software, is very easy. We have two teams that will simplify and handle the entire process for you and help you every step of the way to make sure everything is done effectively and efficiently. Are you ready to enjoy your time while saving money and increasing your profit margin? Feel free to ask us any questions or get started with Facilitee right away.

“Facilitee’s integration team has been very helpful in setting up the software to get us off to a flying start!”, Patrick Bosman & Sam Kruger, Life Europe B.V.