Why You Need a Technical Management App

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Companies heavily rely on technology to create efficient business practices. What was once considered a challenging business task nowadays can be solved and taken care of thanks to many different apps that are being developed. That is why today's business managers need to be very comfortable learning new technologies and evolving with the changes. It's not only communication via different platforms that's welcome; modern-day technologies offer many practical tools, applications and software solutions that managers can use to utilize their business and communication and streamline their tasks.


This trend applies to all industries, including real estate. For real estate, though, it's not only important to take care of the financial aspect of the business (for which you will be able to find a plethora of different tools and apps that can help you out). It is also important to organize everything in the best possible way. One of the things that can surely help you in more ways than one is having a technical management app for real estate, and the reasons for that are several:



Convenience is the #1 reason many businesses and individuals turn to management apps and software solutions. Regardless of your business's industry, streamlining your business operations and keeping everything in perfect order is of the utmost importance. An excellent technical management app such as Facilitee can be beneficial and convenient as it allows for:


  • Seamless dashboard and filtering options, which is an incredible feature that can save a lot of time. It is widespread for businesses to use complicated apps such as Excel for filtering, yet having the filtering options in place along with the dashboard is extremely helpful for any business.

  • Instant validation of quotes, which is always a great benefit as it allows its users to always know the status of the quote. The money transfers are also almost instant, especially when the technical management app is connected to a financial third party.


Providing valuable insights

App modernization is not a value-added feature anymore. Thanks to the ever-competing marketplace, all apps should strive for digital transformation that can reduce costs, bump productivity and provide valuable insights that would otherwise be very difficult to get.


Technical management apps like Facilitee help their customers by offering the most valuable insights necessary for their users. All of this starts with a clear dashboard, which caters for a stress-free and clean app experience. It also allows users to review requests quickly and filter and sort their tasks based on several different parameters (in the case of Facilitee, 280). These filtering options and parameters help all users plan their tasks accordingly, such as maintenance, renovations, inspections and repairs.




Reducing costs and increasing margin

Although the idea of adding another software solution to your business might seem like an extra and unnecessary cost, the truth is that a good technical management app can reduce your costs significantly. Facilitee can, for example, immediately save costs that can arise during the technical management of real estate up to 70%. On the other hand, overdue maintenance can lead to costly repairs in the future, and technical management apps help avoid it. They also prevent any unnecessary repairs, thus saving money in the long run. Consequently, this increases margin.

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Help in avoiding vacancies

In the real estate business, one of the major challenges are vacancies. Void periods are not a rare issue and are the biggest worry of at least 15% of landlords. This often results in cheaper rents, as many landlords rather charge a lower rent than go through a period without any tenants. Technical management apps offer a straightforward solution. These apps help you keep your tasks and ideas organized thanks to their user-friendly features. Moreover, this powerful tooling will satisfy all your customers, whether you are in the real estate business or not. Clients will feel more appreciated and will always be informed. 


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They can increase efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of using a technical management app for your business is making the whole process more effective. For example, technical management apps for real estate give a clear overview of all the actions that have taken place, making it easier for everyone to track all the changes. The features in the app can also be very helpful for employees who otherwise spend time on unnecessary operational tasks On top of that, the risk of making mistakes is minimized. Technical management software solutions also help streamline the process in a better way. The steps that managers or team members have to undertake are very straightforward; they always know where they have to click to complete a specific task. In Facilitee's example, users do not have to worry about booking a handyman or approving a specific request. Everything is very user-friendly, and it can save plenty of valuable time.



Conducting business in the modern world is challenging as it is, so it is perfectly natural to turn to options that can help you save time and money in the long run. Going for a technical management app is one idea. Although it might seem like an unnecessary investment, it is a tool that can provide many benefits that can turn out to be helpful for your business, no matter what industry it is in. In the case of real estate, technical management software solutions can help streamline the processes, avoid vacancies that pose a great challenge, and save money and increase margin.

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