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9 Reasons Why Facilitee is Better than Excel Sheets

Being a property owner or a property manager can be a fun and very lucrative option. Your rental properties might be doing great, and your business might be expanding very quickly. However, as you’re slowly building up your portfolio and adding new properties to your listing, keeping track of everything can be a challenging task. You have to keep all your data in perfect order, know precisely what is happening at each property, and you should always be on top of all the maintenance requirements. Because of that, it’s very helpful to have a tool that will help you keep everything in place. The most popular tool for such tasks is  Google Sheets or Excel Sheets, as they give you the option of keeping everything you need to know in a single file. But what if we said that there’s a better option than Excel Sheets for technical management? What if specialistic technical management software can help you take care of all your properties with minimal effort while enhancing your tenant satisfaction and increasing margin?

What is Facilitee?

Facilitee is software especially developed for handling maintenance and repair requests and has been recognized across the world for being very user-friendly and innovative.  It connects all relevant stakeholders – tenants, property managers, handymen and property owners. Its users can get a clear overview of the technical state of the property portfolio. The app manages repair requests, maintenance work, renovations and all types of inspections in just several clicks. As a result, Facilitee saves valuable time for both property managers and tenants and streamlines the process in the most efficient way possible. In addition to this, there are many more functionalities within the app.

Why choose Facilitee over Excel or Google sheets?

You can manage more properties more effectively

One of the most significant benefits of using Facilitee over Excel or Google sheets for managing your properties is that Facilitee makes this process more effective. Namely, the property management software is created to make this task easier for you, and because of that, you will be able to find plenty of features that can help you out. If you’re using Excel or Google sheets to do this, the chances of getting lost in one of the cards is very easy. On the other hand, Facilitee gives a clear overview of all the actions that have taken place, making it easier for you to track all the changes and see what’s happening in each of them. By simply clicking on the issue related to a property  you want to check or manage, you will be able to see the whole history of that property and conduct changes for that specific property without other properties and other data interfering.

You can manage the properties with a team

In case you have a team that needs to manage the same properties as you do, you will have to share access to the sheet you are working on. Although this is a simple step, constantly sharing access and asking for permission to change the document can be daunting and it can lead to many mistakes. Apart from that, there will be no chance of you communicating with your team without adding new cells and columns to type all the relevant info that other team members have to know. Facilitee makes managing the properties with the team very easy. All the team members will have an account on Facilitee and will be added to the same portfolio, making this process straightforward. Users will also be able to see who from the team did what on the property. The bottom line is that Facilitee revolves around solving the requests , not around the team members. 

The property management software streamlines the process in a better way

Once everything is set up, all team members have to know how the process is streamlined. This can be done in sheets as well, but it takes a lot of time to edit all the columns and create an environment that will not be messy or confusing. This, again, can be a dull task, especially if there are team members who don’t really care about keeping everything organized. Technical property management software such as Facilitee streamline the process in a better way. The steps that managers or team members have to undertake are very straightforward; they will always know where they have to click to book a handyman or approve a specific request. On top of that, they don’t have to worry if they type everything in the right column – Facilitee does that for them.

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There are no formulas involved

When we’re talking about Excel or Google sheets, we have to talk about their formulas as well. These sheets are indeed effective tools, primarily because of the formulas that they rely on. But if you want to streamline the process in the best possible way and create an automatic environment, you need to invest some time creating the formulas that will do that for you. In case you don’t go with the formulas, you will be using all the good properties of this tool. On the other hand, if you create a bad formula, your properties might be at risk as you won’t be managing them correctly. Imagine messing up the prices and getting inaccurate reports at the end of each month. Facilitee doesn’t require you to know formulas or how to set up the environment of the software. Everything has already been set up, and you don’t have to think if a formula is OK or not. There are no formulas with Facilitee.

It’s set-up and organized

Managing a property is not an easy task. Suppose you’re managing more than one property. In that case, you have to spend a lot of time creating an environment that will make the organizational and operational process easier. Having time to sit down and create everything that needs to be created in Excel sheets is a time-consuming task. You need to think about so many different things and connect different cells and columns. There is also a strong possibility that some features will be forgotten and not included in the excel sheets. If you want to make this as seamless as possible, you should opt for Facilitee. Facilitee is already set-up and organized. It has everything you need to manage your property, see what needs to be fixed, and communicate with your tenants, other team members, owners and handymen. Our clients start after a training of merely 30 minutes and if you have any questions afterwards we are there for you. 

You can contact the customer support at any time

Since we’re already speaking of customer support, it’s important to list this as a benefit of Facilitee. Imagine you did something wrong in Excel sheets or included a formula that messed up your whole document – there is nobody you can contact or ask how to fix it. You will have to spend more time on Google trying to find the solution to the problem. Facilitee’s support team is available 24/7 and are always willing to help you out, no matter what issue you are facing.

It saves valuable time

One of the general benefits of Facilitee is that it saves valuable time that you would otherwise spend in organizing and managing your properties. Apart from that, Facilitee saves time on finding the right handyman and booking him to come and fix the particular issue. This will also include communicating with a tenant, and this back-and-forth communication can last quite long and can be very daunting. The benefit of the management app Facilitee is that you will be able to do this in the app and that it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. In the app, the tenant will be able to report the issue, and the manager will only have to accept it and find the handyman who’s available to fix it. Everything is done in the app, so there will be no need to contact them via phone or email.

It can store more data that can be retrieved with just a click

If you’re already working with Excel or Google sheets, then you know how tricky it is to retrieve data. Facilitee is software for technical property management that makes this possible, as you will be able to get ahold of any data that you might need with just a click. 

You can communicate with tenants

Communication with tenants can be time-consuming, especially if third parties are involved, such as a handyman. With Facilitee, the communication with your tenants will be very straightforward as you will be able to contact them through the app. The tenant reports an issue, the manager approves it, and the tenant will see this in real-time. This eliminates any extra time otherwise invested in tenant communication.


It’s OK to use sheets to keep track of all the vital information regarding your properties, but why would you if there is an easier and more effective option? The good thing about Facilitee is that you can choose the features you want in the app, and the price can go from $1. You can always book a demo with our team to let you know more about the property management software itself and give you more reasons why it’s beneficial.