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Time-Saving Strategies Every Property Owner Needs to Know

Time is money! The real estate industry is highly profitable and competitive, but as you already know, time is a scarce commodity for a property owner. You are responsible for communicating with all tenants, keeping records, making repairs, and managing services. With so much to do, it can be challenging for every property owner to manage all of these tasks without getting stressed and frustrated. To streamline property management and stay on top of their business, they need to incorporate some time-saving strategies into their work. This article will introduce you to some of the most effective ones.

Keep track of all property data

As a property owner, you certainly deal with a lot of paperwork all the time. You have to take care of all the data related to your property, tenants, rentals and employees. Manually entering, filling out and storing a large amount of data is not only exhausting, but it can also lead to errors and the loss of important information. For this reason, property owners should streamline their processes by storing all records in a single system that offers a technical management app. By keeping track of all real estate data this way, they save time and have a better overview of their business’s performance. This is indeed the biggest advantage of Facilitee. Thanks to this application you’ll be always able to stay in touch with your team members, property managers, tenants and handymen. 

Delegate activities to the team

Research has shown that efficiency is one of the most significant issues for more than 32% of people in the property management industry. Property owners can use their time more effectively by delegating activities appropriately to the support team. Assigning each task can increase overall productivity and leave owners more time for more important tasks. To facilitate interaction with the team, property owners can use various scheduling tools and property management software to help them keep track of all functions. For example, when they assign a maintenance job to an employee, they can quickly check the progress and completion of the job.

Property owner to-do list

property owner often has a variety of meetings, phone calls and tasks throughout the day. So even if they have thought of something they need to get done, relying on a to-do list in their head can cause them unnecessary stress. When all tasks are written down and put on the calendar, there is less chance of forgetting important things. Plus, they can focus on something they can get done instead of trying to remember everything that needs to get done.

Prioritize tasks

In addition to writing notes, a good time-saving strategy for property owners is to prioritize tasks so that nothing important is neglected. You should divide tasks according to emergencies and complications. For example, if many tenant complaints come in during the day, this may be a priority for some administrative tasks. Communicating with tenants can be time-consuming. But with a technical management app like Facilitee, tenants can report a problem, and the landlord can see everything in real-time.

Empower suppliers

One of the most commonly heard frustrations in the real estate industry is the communication with or lack of communication from different suppliers, which can lead to frustration on the side of the owner, tenant and management company. A solution like Facilitee tackles this effectively offering suppliers their own management environment which is accessible from the palm of their hand. The Facilitee supplier app results in more effective communication and up to a 30% increase in first-time fixes.  

Implement automated property management solutions

Modern technology offers various management tools, apps and automated solutions to leverage property management, save a lot of time and ensure efficient communication between all stakeholders, such as property owners, tenants, suppliers  and property managers. Technical management apps, such as Facilitee, not only save time in managing your property but also significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

The technical management app makes it easy for you to keep track of all your properties, so you can see what’s happening in each one at all times. You can also use the app to easily solve  complaints from tenants, assign reported issues to suppliers, or assign your team members to solve problems. Everything can be done in the app, so you do not have to send additional emails or make calls. In this way, the technical management app ensures maximum tenant satisfaction and more control for the owner.

Thanks to numerous features, Facilitee is the #1 technical management app and increases your operating margin by at least 51.3%


Using these time-saving strategies will definitely help property owners or managers organize everything in the best possible way. Finally, Facilitee is completely connectable to and compatible with your existing software. If you want to learn more about the benefits of a technical management app, book a demo with our team and save time and money.