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Introducing Facilitee 2.0 – The New & Improved Real Estate Management Software

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In the dynamic real estate landscape, change is the only constant as technology continues to evolve – markets undergo shifts, customer demands expand, and adaptability becomes necessary.

We understand that in this fast-paced environment, the key to success is the ability to innovate and improve. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our latest real estate management software version, Facilitee 2.0, where we’ve embraced an API-first approach. This means that Facilitee enables seamless integration with your existing systems and empowers you to customize and extend the software’s capabilities according to your specific needs. 

With API-first software, you gain the flexibility to connect, automate, and streamline your workflows, making your operations more efficient and adaptable.

Facilitee 2.0 also offers the latest suite of advanced features. Our aim is to enable real estate professionals and property managers to stay at the forefront of industry developments and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

What’s New?

Other than an improved API-first approach, these most recent feature additions are set to transform the way you operate, making your daily tasks more streamlined and effective.

Communication and scheduling are improved thanks to our new Plan Board feature that allows for planning and tracking meetings with tenants and other stakeholders. Another way to seamlessly collaborate is by tagging and involving colleagues in discussions and actions related to cases and tasks. You’ll also be able to facilitate information sharing within your team by leaving internal notes.

Our improvements are also fostering the transition from traditional paperwork. This is done through a digital request and tracking system that provides the ability to create digital work orders for servicers, reducing time-consuming, in-person visits and paperwork. On top of that, digital signing for work orders will be available to reporters and tenants, further diminishing the need for paperwork.

Our centralized Control Tower will simplify all tasks from a single, convenient location with an overview of to-do’s for today, giving you complete control on your workload and priorities. This is also where essential information will be stored within easy reach in the Attention Tab. You’ll be able to manage and prioritize your work more effectively by setting deadlines for cases and individual tasks. These can be easily managed with inactivity notifications, ensuring that the right person receives timely alerts for inactive cases and tasks. Still, all notifications can now be snoozed if something isn’t as urgent.

There’s also a new way to enhance transparency and accountability by adding materials to work orders and accurately tracking costs and resources. The ability to include parking costs in your financial records will provide you with a comprehensive view of property-related expenses.

The decision-making processes can be made simpler with pre-made decision trees, ensuring consistency and efficiency in problem-solving. Service provider workflows will be streamlined by allowing the assignment of multiple tasks within a single case, improving task coordination.

Finally, you’ll be able to streamline case management by seamlessly incorporating new reports into existing cases, providing a comprehensive view of all your information.

Future Enhancements

As we chart our course for the future, we are pleased to announce that we’re working on even more enhancements to our solution.

For example, you can expect to have the ability to take command of your assets with an integrated system to manage and oversee specific assets such as elevators, kitchens, escalators, and HVAC systems.

We are also working on seamlessly integrating WhatsApp, with the aim to further streamline communication and collaboration, enabling efficient reporting, complaint resolution, exchange of suggestions, and addressing inquiries.

Furthermore, we’re bolstering financial transparency through the introduction of customizable cost carriers, accommodating various stakeholders such as owners, tenants, and insurance entities. Additionally, the creation and integration of purchase orders into bookkeeping and ERP systems, subsequently adding them to work orders in Facilitee, will be made seamless.

Users will also be able to contribute feedback and enhance the quality of operations by leaving task ratings. The distribution of information to all stakeholders will be effortless, with the option of tenants notifying other tenants regarding issues.

Lastly, we’re enhancing the efficiency of multi-owner management, catering to those with diverse ownership interests across varying building levels and units.

These upcoming features are engineered to render your real estate and property management experience more adaptable, efficient, and user-centric. We invite you to keep an eye on our blog page to see more updates and industry insights!

Key Takeaways

In short, these are the new features that set Facilitee 2.0 apart from its predecessor: 

  • The Plan Board feature for easier scheduling,
  • Collaboration through tagging and involving colleagues,
  • Easier information sharing with internal notes,
  • A digital request and tracking system,
  • Digital work orders for servicers,
  • Digital signing for work orders,
  • The Centralized Control Tower for simplified task management,
  • The Attention Tab for easy access to essential information,
  • Deadline settings for cases and tasks,
  • Inactivity notifications for timely alerts,
  • The option to snooze notifications,
  • The ability to add materials to work orders,
  • Accurate tracking of costs and resources,
  • Inclusion of parking costs in financial records,
  • Pre-made decision trees for simpler decision-making,
  • Streamlined service provider workflows,
  • The option of assigning multiple tasks within a single case,
  • Seamless incorporation of new reports into existing cases.

These new features, combined with the already established ones, are designed to simultaneously increase tenant satisfaction and maximize returns of your real estate portfolio. To learn more about how Facilitee makes property management easier, book a meeting with our experts and get a demo of how everything works.